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Hello there, this is the online portfolio of Noemí Sánchez. I am a Barcelona-based graphic designer currently working at Doubleyou, covering different aspects focusing on digital design, and also corporate image and print design.

As a freelance I've art directed a variety of local client projects, including architecture and interior design studios, a wine label and some personal explorations.

Feel free to contact me for any question or collaborations.

CV available upon request.

Here goes (poster series)

"Here goes" poster series is about designing. But focusing on the irony of what's hot, new and cool on designing. It's the irony of the designer. 

This personal exploration tries to make us meditate about what is fashionable for designers and what we copy and recopy as designers. Are our designs unique? Are we "unconsciously" just copying cool stuff? Everything is a copy of a copy.

Inspirational blogs have helped on that way or are just bombing what we think is cool in this precise moment? Are we tired to see famous quotes with big typographies above beautiful and instagramed landscapes? Are we conscious about it?

"Here goes" tries to show us what it's supposed to be designed, what we are used to see, which are our inspirations.

Thanks to Daniel Requena, who collaborated in this project.